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Digital transformation: partnering with the Boston Consulting Group and challenging students to improve patient care through digital strategies

Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation
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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation
We are excited to announce that this year we will be supporting the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Strategy Cup competition. The competition is open to students from all Belgian universities and provides a unique opportunity for academia to connect with their peers and network with representatives from UCB and BCG.

In an interactive online gaming environment participating teams will be asked to solve real-life challenges faced by osteoporosis patients and come up with big and bold digital solutions. Once these initial solutions are submitted they will be whittled down to a list of semi-finalists who will present their strategy and recommendations to a jury comprised of BCG consultants and UCB leaders. The competition runs from 15-26 February with the winning team announced on the final competition day.

At UCB we recognize that digital technology has started to significantly change the way patients experience their care, how healthcare professionals practice medicine, and how companies like UCB develop solutions and bring them to the market.  To put it into context, digital platforms are replacing traditional models driven largely by the digitalization of products, services, and business processes. Patients and caregivers can be more actively involved and informed to manage their disease and age well.

We believe that this should be no different in the field of osteoporosis and fragility fracture management. With approximately 9 million fragility fractures occur globally every year and many of these fractures’ impacting independence and quality of life, we hope that the ideas generated, and digital solutions proposed may help assist to optimize osteoporosis care and improve overall outcomes, minimizing the consequences of fragility fractures to patients, caregivers and society.

Our partnership with BCG, and our involvement in the competition, is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to patient value and encourage the next generation of talent to understand the importance of continued scientific innovation.

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