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Green packaging

UCB is working to ensure that every element of our business is as green as possible. That is why we have been rethinking our packaging as part of our broader effort to reduce the footprint of our operations.

In creating the best possible packaging, several challenges must be addressed, including compliance with regulations, on-pack labelling requirements, measures to combat counterfeit drugs, the need to make an emotional connection with patients, and enhancing patient compliance

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Until recently, our efforts were focused on being compliant and improving the user experience. We are now shifting our approach, giving greater importance to sustainable design and materials.

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UCB recognises that improving our product packaging, through collaboration with patients and users, presents an opportunity to enhance the sustainability of our operations. Packaging design is an important part of delivering value to patients while reducing our products’ environmental footprint.

Inspired by public feedback, UCB aims to transform the packaging experience through innovative, sustainable design. We want packaging and drug delivery devices to be as user-friendly as possible, and to ensure the highest level of safety

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Collaborative design


As some of our products are self-administered by patients with severe conditions – such as rheumatoid arthritis or Parkinson’s disease – the distinct needs of the user must be considered carefully. By consulting patients and patient representatives, we collaboratively develop best-in-class package designs that meet the needs of users while removing inefficiencies.


Along with improving the user experience, this collaborative approach is helping us to make packaging greener. We are prioritising the use of recyclable materials, responsible sourcing, resource recovery (recycling), efficient transport and distribution.

For example, by reducing the pack size while maintaining the same amount of medicines we can use less material and transport more products on each transport pallet. Reducing the weight of packaging also translates into lower use of fuel in transport.

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In collaboration with patients and design experts, we have reduced the plastic content of the packaging on some of our leading medicines by as much as 85% and reduced the cardboard content by 41%. By using recyclable materials and ensuring the packaging components can be segregated for cycling, we are applying the best in design thinking to optimise our packaging.


UCB will make sustainability and usability key priorities in the design of our products and packaging.