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UCB has a global commitment to ethics and integrity in everything that we do, and we are committed to promoting open communications at all levels of the organization. Additionally, the UCB Integrity Line is available to report any concerns or questions concerning the Company and its policies and practices, concerns about unlawful conduct, or any other wrongdoing.

Reports can be submitted to the UCB Integrity Line 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through a third party operated call center or through an anonymous website. UCB will follow up on any Integrity Line report. The Company is committed to non-retaliation against individuals making reports and to maintain confidentiality and anonymity with respect to such reports, as allowed by local laws.

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Note: This contact form is not intended to be used to order prescribed medications, nor should it be used to report personal health concerns or adverse events. In case of such events, please contact UCB’s office in your home country or your local safety contact, or UCB HQ in Belgium if there is no office in your home country or use the UCB side effect reporting form.