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Why Don’t All Patients Respond to Treatment?

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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation

Proud to be one of the partners in King’s College London’s creation of a “Smart Therapeutic Trials Development Hub”. Awarded £10 million from Research England and supported with investment from industry and charities, the scientists at King’s aim to untangle the complex web of factors that influence treatment outcomes and answer the question why some patients remain unresponsive to various therapies.

Recent advances in the medical and scientific world have been nothing less than transformative. This has allowed us to make enormous strides in treating diseases, but there is a lack of understanding about the biological reason why some patients don’t respond to therapy. The answer likely lies entwined within genetics, environmental factors, disease severity, lifestyle choices, and ethnicity.

The scientists at King's College’s Smart Trials Development Hub aim to untangle this complex web of factors that influence treatment outcomes. Leveraging clinical, academic, and pharmaceutical expertise, the facility will employ the latest experimental data and cutting-edge AI techniques to create a detailed picture of each patient's unique disease traits.

The integration of patient tissue analysis, clinical data, and lab-generated 'organoids' (small-scale representations of their tissue) will give birth to 'digital biological twins'. These digital twins will help the scientists better understand and treat each patient's disease according to their unique biological makeup, helping to propel the concept of personalized medicine forward.

In the end, the goal is simple yet profound - to make medicines work for everyone because everyone deserves the chance to live their healthiest life. This is just the beginning, and we can't wait to see all the lives this hub will impact in the years to come.

Find out more here: £10million awarded to make medicines work for everyone - King's College London (kcl.ac.uk)

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