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UCB go ‘Under the Skin’ with new hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) podcast

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Chiara Danelli, HS Dermatology

As part of UCB’s commitment to raising the standard of care for patients suffering with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), ‘Under the Skin’, UCB’s latest podcast series, draws back the curtain on this debilitating, chronic inflammatory skin disease. Aimed at healthcare professionals looking to learn more about HS, this podcast aims to shed light on this under-recognised disease, following the often complex patient journey from pre-diagnosis through to disease management. Hosted by Dr Barry McGrath (HS patient advocate and co-founder of HS Ireland) each episode in this five-part series invites a new expert guest to share their knowledge of treating HS and to discuss one of the many facets of the patient experience. 

All currently available episodes are listed below, and you can subscribe to the series on Spotify to catch all episodes as they’re released.

Listen to our first episode, “What is the bigger picture in HS?” on Spotify now (for healthcare professionals only).

Episode 1 welcomes Dr John Ingram (Consultant Dermatologist at Cardiff University) in conversation with our host Dr Barry McGrath (co-founder of HS Ireland) to share an overview of HS, its presentation in patients, epidemiology and global prevalence.

Episode chapters: 
[01:25] Introducing Dr John Ingram
[02:44] Background and pathobiology of HS
[09:00] HS patient demographics
[15:18] HS global and EU epidemiology
[25:58] HS among other diseases

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Speaker disclosure:

Barry McGrath, PhD, has received consultancy/advisory board disease related honoraria from Novartis and UCB.

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