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UCB's New Supplier Recognition Program: A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

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Geert Behets, Sustainable Procurement & Risk

At UCB, we understand the intrinsic link between people’s health and the health of the Planet. We have set absolute targets to minimize our environmental footprint from our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water withdrawal and waste generation, committing to accelerate our climate target toward Net Zero through the Sciences Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

As we continue delivering essential medicines, we recognize the importance of environmental responsibility. For the activities we do not directly control, we are inviting our suppliers and external partners to join our approach and define ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets to address the climate crisis. It's with this spirit of collaboration in mind that we are introducing our new Supplier Recognition Program  for our partners.

By 2025, we are aiming for a 60% of our GHG emissions from purchased goods and services to align with science-based targets. 
Ambitious? Absolutely. 
Achievable? With the collaborative spirit of our suppliers, we think so!

Everything and everyone in today’s world is interconnected – we must all act towards a fairer and greener future, together. We understand that it's not just about setting targets but also about guiding and supporting the journey. Through our 'Carbon Maturity' assessment for example, we are able to see where our suppliers stand in their own carbon reduction voyage and help them to do even better.

But here's the exciting part. In our quest to highlight the positives, we're rolling out a new non-financial recognition program. Think of it as our virtual acknowledgement to our partners which go above and beyond to contribute to our sustainability objectives

We are offering two distinct badges:

  1. Sustainability Partner: This accolade is reserved for suppliers who've shown a commitment to the Science-Based Targets initiative and have achieved an EcoVadis score surpassing 55/100 across all metrics.
  2. Best Sustainability Improvement: A special nod to our partners who've displayed commendable acceleration in their sustainability journey, achieving significant milestones in a condensed timeframe.

It's more than just badges; it's a testament to our collaborative ethos. At UCB, we believe in the power of partnerships, and our suppliers are integral to our mission.

Together, we can, and we will, create an impact that echoes into the future.

To dive deeper into how sustainability plays a role in our Responsible Procurement initiative, click here.

This initiative is one of several we have in the pipeline to motivate our suppliers towards our sustainability goals.


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