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UCB’s Incubator Program 2023 – A Look Through Our Innovative Digital Health Startups

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Marie-Noel Achkar, Digital Care Transformation

We are excited to share our final cohort of startups – Albus Health, Nevaro, Wisdo Health, NeuroHelp, and thymia – that have joined the UCB Digital Health Incubator Program for 2023. Each startup brings forward innovative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the digital health landscape and bring much-needed solutions to people living with severe diseases, faster. 

About The Incubator Program: A Recap

Now in its second cohort, the UCB Incubator is a 12-week, non-equity program designed for startups at any stage. Our mission is to co-create and test transformative digital health solutions for people living with severe diseases. Together with our startups, we formulate key hypotheses, set KPIs, metrics for success, and conduct tests to validate their core ideas and accelerate their time to market.

Introducing the Startups: 

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Albus Health 
Location: Oxford, UK 
About: Established in 2017, Albus Health offers a contactless multi-sensor solution for nocturnal health monitoring- in the form of a table-top, contactless device to collect data, combined with software capabilities to track and analyse various physiological, environmental metrics in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the patient's night-time health. 

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Location: Lisboa, Portugal 
About: Founded in 2018, Nevaro offers a mobile app-based solution to improve mental well-being. Using gaming and physiological computing, their app helps improve mental well-being, avoid burnout, self-monitor for symptoms of illness, as well as complement psychotherapy treatments. 


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Wisdo Health 
: New York City 
About: Founded in 2018, Wisdo Health has crafted a social health platform that combats loneliness and enhances mental health. Their AI-powered peer support communities cater to those facing life challenges, mental health issues, and chronic conditions. 


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Location: Ramat Gan, Israel 
About: NeuroHelp is working on the frontiers of epileptic care with Epiness™, which is a headband integrated with EEG sensors to detect night-time epileptic seizures in children through Machine and Deep Learning techniques. 

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Location: London 
About: thymia’s digital mental health assessment tool employs AI to analyze biomarkers in video, audio, and behavioral data, providing insights into various mental health conditions. 

Interested in learning more? 

Keep up to date or learn more about the program at UCB-DCTx.com. For inquiries about the Program, please contact us at contact@ucb-dctx.com

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