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UCB at AES 2022: Why 30 Years in Epilepsy are just the beginning

Konrad Werhahn, Global Epilepsy Strategy
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Konrad Werhahn, Global Epilepsy Strategy

For millennia, doctors and scientists around the world have been searching for better treatments for epilepsy. At UCB, we’ve been working in epilepsy care for more than 30 years. Yet in some ways, the evolution of epilepsy care is just getting started.

Modern science is giving us more information about this disease than we’ve ever had before. That’s why opportunities to gather and connect with industry leaders and peers within the epilepsy space – like the 2022 Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society (AES), taking place over the next several days – are so important. These events play a key role in furthering understanding and awareness of the complexities of epilepsy. And with more than three decades at the forefront of epilepsy care, UCB is continuing to advance the science and understanding of epilepsies, particularly rare epilepsies, and those with high unmet needs.

The science behind treating epilepsy is moving in exciting new directions, and the scientific discussions and debate that happen at AES help inform our research agenda. We are working towards a future where we hope to impact the underlying causes of certain epilepsies and change the course of disease. Powered by a team of dedicated scientists and experts in epilepsy care, it is our long-term goal that one day, we can develop solutions that move from symptomatic relief to those that could address the underlying causes of certain epilepsies.

But we can’t do this alone. As we test and learn, we network with healthcare professionals, academic centers, the research community, and patients, so we can all share our expertise and experience in epilepsy and bring about meaningful change in the lives of those living with epilepsy. We are acutely aware of the ongoing unmet medical need for people living with this condition, and UCB is committed to playing our part to help. 

UCB is proud to have 21 abstracts accepted at AES 2022, reinforcing our decades-long commitment to transforming epilepsy care. To create a new future of epilepsy treatment and care, it’s going to take a village. I’m excited to brainstorm with industry peers on challenging the status quo, discovering new possibilities, and advocating for this resilient community.

You can follow along with UCB at #AES2022 by checking out our social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) for more updates and information.


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