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Strengthening our commitment for people living with epilepsy

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Charl van Zyl, EVP Neurology Solutions & Head of Europe/International

This week UCB announced the successful acquisition of Zogenix. The acquisition reinforces UCB’s sustainable patient value strategy, broadening and building upon our role in addressing unmet needs of people living with specific or rare forms of epilepsy.

Rare forms of epilepsy such as Dravet syndrome, have a significant impact on quality of life and if not identified early and treated appropriately, can lead to an elevated mortality rate than in the general epilepsy population. There is a clear urgency in identifying new solutions for people living with these rarer forms of epilepsy to ensure that they, and their families, have access to the care they need.

Zogenix is a company that is passionate about tackling these challenges and is committed to developing therapies with the potential to transform the lives of patients and their families living with rare diseases, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. 

At UCB, we share this ambition of bringing even greater value for people living with different forms of epilepsy. We have provided solutions that have helped transform the epilepsy landscape and improve the lives of millions of people. However, we understand that much more needs to be done to allow people living with different forms of epilepsy live their best lives.

We are very pleased to reach today’s milestone and to welcome the Zogenix team to the UCB family. We have a lot of important work ahead of us to deliver on our ambitions, and we look forward to working together to deliver greater value for people living with epilepsy.

See the press release here

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