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Energize: a collaborative step forward to protecting the Planet

Anne-Laure Demarcy, Global Health, Safety & Environment
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Anne-Laure Demarcy, Environmental Sustainability

At UCB, we are well aware that society faces significant challenges, from the rise of social inequalities to climate change, from access to healthcare to protecting human rights. We also know that not one single societal actor can achieve any big change alone; collaboration and dialogue among different stakeholders are key because every action is interconnected.

Collaboration is also one of the priorities of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) which is ongoing in Sharm el-Sheikh. Joining the Energize program as one of the 15 sponsor companies goes exactly in this direction, reinforcing our ambition to collaborate with our partners, united by the same environmental goals. Launched at COP26, Energize is a collective effort by the pharmaceutical industry and Schneider Electric to increase access to decarbonization solutions for suppliers, by providing them with tools and guidance to overcome the energy market barriers they may face, as well as providing advice and access to renewable energy purchase opportunities.

This initiative represents another step towards protecting the health of the planet, for which we set ambitious targets as we acknowledge the intrinsic relationship between human health – at the core of what we aim to improve at UCB – and environmental issues. We take a long-term and multistakeholder view of our business activities, considering their overall environmental footprint alongside our growth, across all our end-to-end value chain.

Read more about the Energize program. Read more about UCB’s commitments to protecting the health of the Planet

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