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DCTx Incubator - A pathway to innovation driven by purpose

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Thyago Ohana, Digital Care Transformation Immunology


Our UCB Digital Care Transformation (DCTx) team has been working to source the latest innovations from entrepreneurial businesses across the global digital health ecosystem - challenging ourselves to uncover breakthroughs in care provision and delivery. Breakthroughs that can have a major impact in solving some of the biggest challenges in the lives of people living with severe or chronic diseases. The value that we will seek to create puts their wellbeing paramount.

We believe the ventures we are working with currently, as well as those we seek to bring into the program moving forward, can have a real impact on the individual lives of patients and at scale, they have the potential to impact society and our world.

Our ambitions are bold, but we are proud of and enthused by. This is why one of the most important criteria of the businesses we want to partner with has to be ambition. The start-ups currently in the program each have that ambition:

Epihunter solutions apply real-time AI to third-party wearable EEG for real-time digital interventions - reducing the conditions’ daily life impact while generating real-world data for better diagnosis, treatment and new therapies.

The company has already created, clinically validated and commercialised a beachhead for absence epilepsy in Europe & Australasia and is now setting up co-development collaborations for a future product pipeline of 13 products in epilepsy and other brain disorders.

The miniature LAB-ON-SKINTM sensing platform developed by the Xsensio team in Lausanne, Switzerland, allows the detection of small changes in skin biofluids.

A non-intrusive wearable device that can help to detect and predict changes in a number of disease areas could help both clinicians and patients better manage a range of conditions and lead to better outcomes for patients.

VRx Medical is an immersive digital therapeutics company founded in California by Garland Wong and Paul Lafferty. Their mission is to deliver accessible, drug-free, digital wellness through immersive VR technology.

Bringing together virtual and augmented reality to the fingertips of patients, providing a wide range of therapies that can integrate into their lifestyles.

Winterlight Labs, based in Toronto, Canada, has developed a solution to analyse speech and detect subtle changes in speech patterns of patients with many neurological conditions. 

Winterlight’s platform analyses both the acoustics and content of speech and language to assess progression or improvement in cognitive health and achieve more detailed measurement of a patient’s response to therapeutic interventions

And finally, PeakProfiling combines voice analytics based on quantitative musicology of sound patterns with Machine Learning methods. Several clinical studies have already demonstrated that this technology can serve as a valid predictor of certain clinical conditions.

Each of these DCTx Incubator participants have the combination of innovation and drive to see it reach a global market.

To find out more about our incubator, apply to be a part of the program and keep updated on the latest start-ups taking part, please visit our website on ucb-digitalcaretransformation.com - alternatively, you can contact us via email on contact@ucb-dctx.com.


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