scientist holding antibodies
5 Oct 2020

Tiny antibodies could have big potential

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Picture of a Brain
20 Jun 2019

Cognitive impairment research: pushing the boundaries of neuroscience

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General picture of innovation
18 Jun 2019

Investing in innovation: why UCB Ventures backs cutting-edge science

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Picture of material used in a lab
24 Jan 2018

Top marks for transparency: UCB praised for reporting clinical research data

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Picture of a person working in a lab
16 Nov 2017

New UCB research published in Science Translational Medicine

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4 Aug 2017

UCB partners with UK scientists on antibody discovery initiative

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20 Mar 2017

Exploring the "treasure trove" of gut bacteria

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11 Aug 2016

UCB and Yale collaborate on brain scanning project

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24 Jul 2015

UCB recognised for cell research

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6 Aug 2014

Improving access to research data

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