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UCB leads "epilepsy hackathon"

New technologies can help to design new solutions to the everyday problems faced by people with epilepsy.

At UCB we are committed to supporting patients through innovation. That's why we are sponsoring 'Hack Epilepsy'  - an epilepsy hackathon to be held simultaneously in Brussels and Atlanta.

Hack Epilepsy will bring together developers, designers and digital experts, along with healthcare providers and patients to imagine new ways of applying digital technologies that can make a real difference for the epilepsy community.

'Hackathons' are an increasingly popular way to apply fresh thinking and creative design to complex problems.

The goal of Hack Epilepsy, which runs from April 24 to April 26, will be to come up with practical and workable prototypes that answer four broad challenges, including accessing effective support and reliable information, empowering people to talk about their epilepsy, and knowing what questions to ask following diagnosis.

Participants will be divided into several teams which will compete for prize money for the most innovative prototype. Each team’s proposal will be judged according to its:

  • Ability to meet the real needs of people with epilepsy
  • Creativity, innovation and originality
  • Feasibility of implementation 
  • Quality of presentation and demonstration.

You can play your part. The epilepsy community needs your expertise, creativity and technical know-how. If you are a designer, a developer, a communicator or an entrepreneur, you can join the hackathon in Brussels or Atlanta.

You don't need to know anything about epilepsy. You just need to be at least 18 years of age and have the skills and the will to create meaningful digital tools that can change lives. Visit the Hack Epilepsy website for more information about registration.

By taking this intensive approach to problem-solving, which draws on input from people with first-hand experience of epilepsy and from outsiders who bring new ideas, the epilepsy hackathon has the potential to deliver game-changing innovations.

Hack Epilepsy website

Hack Epilepsy website