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We all need to find our own way of managing our RLS symptoms

Valeria, who started getting RLS symptoms in her mid-40s, believes that patients can do much to educate and help themselves.

“ Over the years, I have discovered a few things that work for me to help me cope better with my RLS. I’ve learned that it is better to stand in the evening (as long as I can) rather than sit. I also find it useful not to eat carbohydrates in the evening. Cutting down on alcohol and coffee also helps me. Being active (Nordic walking) and keeping myself busy with my hobbies keeps my mind off my RLS. But I know that we’re all different, and we all need to find our own way of managing our RLS symptoms.”

After her diagnosis, Valeria’s husband was her pillar of strength, discussing her RLS with her:

“ He reminded me to take my medication regularly, joined me in outdoor sporting activities and encouraged me not to lose my zest for life.”

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