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UCB confirms good performance of Zyrtec in US and Xyzal

Brussels, BELGIUM - October 20, 2005 - Following Pfizer's quarterly earnings release, UCB confirms that Zyrtec continues to strengthen its leadership position as the number one most prescribed branded antihistamine in the US in new prescriptions. The US in-market sales of Zyrtec have reached $1,035 million during the past 9 months ending September 30th, 2005 showing a 10% increase against the same period in 2004, while the antihistamine market decreased by 5%[1].

The worldwide sales of Xyzal increased by 26% during the first three quarters 2005 versus the same period in 2004, confirming its further market penetration. IMS[2] market share for Xyzal in Europe reached 14% compared to 12% a year earlier.


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UCB (www.ucb-group.com) is a global biopharmaceutical leader with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, specialising in the fields of central nervous system disorders, allergy and respiratory diseases, immune and inflammatory disorders, as well as oncology. UCB key products are Keppra® (antiepileptic), Xyzal® and Zyrtec® (antiallergics), Nootropil® (cerebral function regulator), Tussionex(TM) (antitussive) and Metadate(TM) / Equasym XL(TM) (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). UCB employs over 8,500 people operating in over 40 countries. UCB is listed on Euronext Brussels (UCB / UCBBt.BR / UCB BB).

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[1] IMS, Total R6A Antihistamine market share in value (US -5% MAT 08/05 vs MAT 08/04)

[2] IMS, Total R6A Antihistamine market share in value (EU5 Markets - August 2005)

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