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UCB commitment to people with epilepsy

UCB supports educational initiatives around the world aimed at reducing the stigma and dispelling the myths associated with epilepsy, so that more patients can seek help without fear of prejudice.

Live Beyond Epilepsy
Live Beyond Epilepsy is a UCB awareness and educational initiative, designed to help empower people with epilepsy, to encourage physicians to see patients beyond their seizures, and to improve public perceptions and understanding of epilepsy.

Live Beyond Epilepsy brings together a series of epilepsy patient programmes and resources, supported by UCB.
These include:

Future in Mind
Future in Mind is an educational initiative by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) to raise awareness about the challenges and consequences of childhood epilepsy.A survey carried out in 16 countries, as part of this initiative, revealed that a third of children and teenagers kept their epilepsy a secret, as did almost a quarter of their parents.
Also part of Future in Mind is the Critical Years Review – a review of published evidence on childhood epilepsy which explores the impact of seizures on brain and cognitive development, educational and academic performance and psychosocial and behavioural outcomes.

Freedom in Mind
Freedom in Mind is an artistic project from UCB and the IBE which called upon people with epilepsy to express what 'freedom from seizures' means to them.

Information about Epilepsy
UCB provides a range of useful booklets about epilepsy and its treatment which have been translated into many languages.
• What is Epilepsy?
• Children,Adolescents and Epilepsy
• Women and Epilepsy
• Elderly and Epilepsy
• Epilepsy Diary
• Living well with Epilepsy
• Be Inspired - The inspiring experiences of people living with epilepsy

Epilepsy Advocate Programme
Epilepsy Advocates are people with epilepsy, caregivers and advocates who have volunteered to share their experience of living beyond their epilepsy, in order to help empower others to do the same.At congresses, support group meetings and other events, they are inspiring audiences with their stories.
To hear from the advocates please visit www.livebeyondepilepsy.com

A UCB Epilepsy Educational and Awareness Programme
BE Aware
BE Educated
BE Empowered
Visit www.livebeyondepilepsy.com

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