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UCB Inaugurates North American Pharma Headquarters.

Brussels, May 9, 2003 - UCB inaugurated today its new North American Headquarters building in Smyrna (Atlanta), which houses the operational head offices of UCB Pharma Inc. and Surface Specialties. 

The new 110,000-square-foot facility is part of a five-building, 45-acre campus. It will house some 300 people. The total investment for the new building amounted to $17 million. 

The UCB Group has grown rapidly in the United-States. Today the workforce numbers 1,535 people, of which 425 in Atlanta. The Pharma sector has 929 employees, Surface Specialties 538 and Central Services 68. The United States represent a turnover of $ 950 million, the Group's total sales amounting to $ 3 billion. 

The Pharma sector has progressively increased its sales force on the American market : the team now comprises 660 medical representatives. The antiallergic Zyrtec discovered by UCB has been introduced into the United States in February 1996, in co-promotion with Pfizer. In 2000, UCB successfully launched the anti-epileptic Keppra. UCB Pharma also has a Discovery center in Boston and a Development team in Atlanta, a total of 140 scientists focused on the two fields selected by UCB : allergy/asthma and neurology. 

UCB is also, through its Bioproducts activities, a world leader in the manufacture of peptides, used as active ingredients in new medicines, for which the Unites States are the main market. US locations include a development laboratory and a manufacturing plant. 

Surface Specialties, the non-pharmaceutical sector of UCB, has its main American commercial office in Atlanta and production plants in North Augusta and Langley (South Carolina), in Springfield (Massachusetts) and in Tecumseh (Kansas). 

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