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UCB First Half-Year 2006 Financial Results

Strong revenue growth up 12% to 1.3 billion euro
Net profit from continuing operations up 44% to 237 million euro

  • Revenue increased by 12% to 1,322 million euro (first half 2005: 1,184 million euro), driven by net sales, up 9%,
        and substantial royalty income contribution
  • Strong growth in Keppra® net sales up 42% to 365 million euro, reinforcing US market leadership
  • Solid allergy sales of 406 million euro (up 6%) with Zyrtec® continuing to grow in the U.S.A. and a steady
        performance from Xyzal®
  • Investment in R&D up 24% to 307 million euro, reaching 27% of net sales,  focused primarily on various
        indications for Cimzia(TM), and successors of Keppra®
  • Recurring EBITA of 290 million euro and recurring EBIT of 271 million euro, both up 9%
  • Net profit from continuing operations of 237 million euro (up 44%), including net capital gains of 57 million euro on
        sale of non-core business (Bioproducts) and products (Delsym®, Corifeo®, Gastrocrom®) after restructuring
  • Xyzal® New Drug Application (NDA) filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)    
  • Keppra® XR (extended release), a once daily formulation, entered phase III evaluation   
  • Extremely encouraging phase II trial data for Cimzia(TM) in psoriasis, and all other Cimzia(TM) programmes on
  • Acquisition of Epratuzumab, a specialist product for auto-immune diseases, such as Systemic Lupus
  • Brussels (Belgium), 27 July 2006, 7:00 AM CET - UCB today announced its financial results for the six months ended 30 June 2006.

    Roch Doliveux, CEO of UCB, commenting on the first half 2006 performance, said:   "UCB performed well in the first half of 2006, delivering solid results financially, in R&D and strategically.   Keppra®, now UCB's number one product, achieved outstanding growth and our allergy franchise continued to grow driven by Xyzal® and Zyrtec®.  Significant progress was also made in our R&D pipeline, with the launch of a phase III trial for Keppra® XR, the new extended release form of Keppra® and approval of a number of new Keppra® indications.  Furthermore Cimzia(TM) was filed for regulatory approval in Crohn's disease with the FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMEA) and achieved extremely encouraging phase II results in psoriasis."

    "We are also on track in our preparations for a targeted launch of Cimzia(TM) in Crohn's disease in the first half of 2007. Finally, the NDA for Xyzal® has been filed with the FDA."

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