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UCB Award presented to Professor Bart De Strooper (K.U.Leuven)

• The UCB Award supports neuroscience research in Belgium
• Professor Bart De Strooper’s research focuses on the impact of microRNA on Alzheimer’s disease

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Brussels, 16 June 2011. The UCB Award for Neuroscientific Research in Belgium, developed under the patronage of the Queen Elizabeth Medical Foundation, was today presented to Professor Bart De Strooper (K.U.Leuven) to finance his research in Alzheimer’s disease. HRH Princess Astrid, honorary president of the foundation, presented the award. The prize-giving ceremony took place at an academic meeting held in the Royal Palace.

De Strooper is shedding new light on Alzheimer’s through his research project which focuses on the potential role of deregulation of the microRNA (short ribonucleic acid molecules) network of the disease. The UCB Award of 100,000 euros will contribute to further funding his research.

“Professor De Strooper’s work is exciting - opening up the prospect of identifying the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and finding new avenues for the potential development of treatments”, says Roch Doliveux, CEO, UCB. “UCB, leader in the field of epilepsy, supports and promotes innovative and original research work concerning the central nervous system. We want to play a part in making advances in therapies to fight not only epilepsy, but also neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”

About the UCB Award
The UCB Award is presented every three years under the patronage of the Queen Elizabeth Medical Foundation to promote neuroscience research. The winner of the UCB Award is selected by an independent scientific committee. The 2008 UCB Award was presented to Professor Rik Vandenberghe (K.U.Leuven) for his research into the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on language. The 2006 award was given to Professor Pierre Vanderhaeghen (ULB) for his work on neuronal connectivity within the brain cortex.

About the UCB model of open innovation
UCB believes in open innovation and as a result, has formed over 140 partnerships with Belgian universities and more than 400 partnerships with companies and universities around the world. UCB is Belgium’s number 1 investor in R&D across all sectors.

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