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Talking to others with RLS has helped me feel less alone

Sten, who has had RLS symptoms since childhood, experienced similar delays, but describes his relief when he finally got a diagnosis:

“ The neurologist did everything to find out why I was plagued by these irritating and painful symptoms. I had numerous scans and other tests to exclude other sicknesses. I then spent a night in a sleep unit. It was a frantic night with all these cables and electrodes attached to my body, which made it impossible to sleep. In the morning I was informed that I had severe RLS, but I was happy because I had a diagnosis, and it wasn’t an ‘illusion’ after all.”

Having educated himself about RLS, Sten is keen to help others – patients and doctors – to understand more about the condition:

“ The more you know, the more you understand, and the better you can manage your symptoms and live with RLS. Talking to others with RLS has helped me feel less alone. They know well the sensations I’d had since my childhood, they understand.”

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