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Newsroom Press Releases

Belgian Economic Mission to China

UCB is part of Economic Mission going to CHina in presence of HRH Prince Philippe of Belgium and HRH Princess Mathilde of Belgium.

In the scope of the Cooperation Agreement between the Federal Government and the regions, a joint economic mission headed by HRH Prince Philip will be organized to China (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Guangzhou) from October 19 to 29th.

UCB, being very active in China, will participate in this mission and take this opportunity to make several announcements. The highlights of UCB's participation to this mission:

  • UCB will support the creation of an Epilepsy center in the Peking University First hospital – the inauguration of the Patient center will be held in presence of HRH Princess Mathilde on Monday 24 October at 13.30.
  • UCB will sign a strategic partnership with the China Center for Pharmaceutical International Exchange (the "Chinese “FDA”) to provide training and allow information exchange - the signature ceremony will be held in presence of HRH Prince Philip on Monday 24 October at 17.00

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