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2012 Epilepsy Journalism Award

Closing date for entries is 30th November 2012

About the Award
The Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism Award is a joint initiative from UCB and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) which recognizes and rewards outstanding contributions to epilepsy journalism.
Whether you report on epilepsy in print, on the Web, on radio or TV, for consumer or specialist audiences, you could win this prestigious award. If your work has made a significant contribution to understanding and awareness of the challenges and achievements of people living with epilepsy, you could be one of this year’s deserving winners.

Entry Eligibility*
Consumer, health and medical journalists writing for print, broadcast or online outlets are invited to enter. Freelance journalists are also eligible.
• Print • Broadcast • Online

One prize of €3,000 travel vouchers will be awarded for each category. It is encouraged that these travel vouchers could be used to defray travel costs related to further journalistic research and publications about epilepsy in an international context.
* Certain local restrictions may apply regarding this award and the award is only available where not prohibited or restricted by local laws and regulations.

Award Criteria
An independent judging panel will judge entries, looking for responsible, informed and original stories. Entries will also be assessed on the following specific criteria. The work:
• Helps to increase the awareness and understanding of epilepsy
• Gives a voice to people with epilepsy
• Is conceptually or visually innovative and creative
• Is well structured, well researched and compelling
• Uses language responsibly when reporting or writing on epilepsy.
NB: Entries are not required to fulfil each of the criteria to be considered for an award.

Award Rules
Entries accompanied by a completed entry form will be accepted until 30th November 2011.
2. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.
3. Print items must be supplied as an original or be photocopied, scanned or a print out of the full article to scale. Font size should be =10pt.
4. Broadcast entries must be supplied as mp3 (audio) or mp4 files, preferably in Windows Media file or QuickTime format. They must be supplied on DVD, CD or via email to journalismawards@ excellenceinepilepsy.com
5. Website articles must be submitted as a print out of the Web page(s) and should include a live link to the Web page containing the article where possible.
6. Non-English submissions should be accompanied by an English transcript.
7. All entries must be the original work of the applicant that does not violate another party’s copyright. Joint applications will be accepted and collaborators must give their consent and co-sign the entry form.
8. Journalists can enter more than one article or broadcast item in the same category, provided a separate entry form is supplied for each entry and provided that there are not more than three entries from the same publication.
9. Work must have been published or broadcast between 30th October 2010 and 30th November 2011.
10. Entry forms and accompanying entries will not be returned.
11. Applicants who have received any financial or in kind sponsorship in relation to their entry must declare all details.
12. Articles or broadcasts sponsored by the Organisers (UCB or the International Bureau for Epilepsy) will not be accepted.
13. If a submission does not adhere to the competition rules it will be subject to disqualification at the discretion of the judging panel.

The entry form can be found in attachment. Entries with completed entry form should be sent to: Excellence in Epilepsy Award PO BOX 65979 London SW18 9JJ or emailed to journalismawards@excellenceinepilepsy.com

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