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Wearable seizure detector aims to give epilepsy patients more control

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Kasper Claes, Analytics Services
UCB and partners from academia and industry are collaborating on the development of a personalised seizure detection device for people with epilepsy.

The SeizeIT consortium hopes to deliver a prototype wearable device in the next two years. The detector will record and measure seizure activity in real time, allowing for better follow-up and individualised treatment plans.

SeizeIT is a two-year public-private partnership, funded by Flanders and Brussels. The group will work with around 200 patients to test and validate the device.

Team members bring a range of skills from product design and algorithm development to sensor technology and clinical evaluation. For our part, UCB will provide market access knowhow with the potential to bring the resulting device to the epilepsy community, and in addition contribute to medical, mathematical and hardware aspects.

Technological innovation
The proposed system aims to incorporate brain and cardiorespiratory activity sensing, vastly improving performance compared to the solutions currently available.

The prototype of this wearable seizure detection system will give epilepsy patients greater control over their daily lives.

Epileptic syndromes and seizures can vary significantly from person to person. Understanding seizures can help guide health professionals in controlling patients’ seizures.

The project was launched because experts believe that existing devices for seizure detection in epilepsy patients could be improved upon.

Equipment that measures brain activity to detect seizures is often obtrusive, and solutions that use other signals, such as heart rate alone, are often not sensitive enough to provide useful insight into seizure activity patterns.

Technological innovation is at the forefront of this drive towards individualisation of care in epilepsy. This is vital to improving the experience of people with epilepsy.

As a company with a long history and deep expertise in the area of epilepsy, we are pleased to play our part in this exciting new chapter in epilepsy innovation.

“Building a partnership with a unique combination of expertise around a true unmet need in epilepsy, namely unpredictability and considering patient heterogeneity from the beginning, is the way forward to help give patients back control over their life" explained Erik Janssen, Head of Innovative Solutions Mission.

Should you want additional information, please contact Kasper.Claes@ucb.com.

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