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We listen to patients – and are inspired

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Steffen Fritzsche, Corporate Communications Germany
At UCB, we are Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science. One of the ways we seek inspiration is by talking with people affected by severe diseases. This helps us to understand how they want us to use science to improve their lives.

That is why UCB Germany hosted our second Patient Summit in Bad Nauheim very recently. The event exemplifies our approach to patient engagement. We are not simply talking about patients – we are talking with them.

During two days of passionate and constructive discussion between patient ambassadors and members of the UCB team, we left with a renewed mandate to deliver what patients expect from us.

The event featured a plenary session as well as several workshops where all participants enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to share ideas and experiences.

Patients with Parkinson's, restless legs syndrome (RLS), rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy and ankylosing spondylitis contributed to the workshops where they reflected on the work done since last year's meeting and discussed what needs to be prioritised in the years ahead.

Examples of the fruit of last year's Patient Summit included the revamp of patient websites, new patient diary supports for Parkinson's patients, and RLS awareness campaigns for GPs. Each of these was an issue proposed at last year's event which has now been addressed. We listened – and we responded with action.

This year we also talked about the reasons that some patients stop using their medicines and how patients search for information about their condition. The RLS workshop discussed a new symptoms questionnaire which UCB is currently working on, and the feedback gathered during this session will help to fine-tune this tool.

Looking ahead, we see patients playing an increasingly important role in how medicines are developed and delivered – and it is clear that patients expect to have more and more input too.

Our second successful Patient Summit is one of the practical ways we can live up to our patient-centric philosophy and continue to be inspired.

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