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Want to understand health? Listen to patients

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    To truly understand a disease, its impact and how to improve patients' lives, you need to listen to the people who have the disease.

    At UCB, we strive to be patient-centric, putting patients at the heart of what we do. In this video, Dr Lode Dewulf, Vice-President, Chief Patient Affairs Officer explains why this is so important.

    Speaking at an event in Barcelona, he says that patient centricity starts with gathering patient insights and learning from them.

    Dr Dewulf discusses the three levels of learning – intellectual, related and experienced. Applying this to understanding diseases, he explains that only patients can offer insights based on first-hand personal experience.

    "Doctors don't have the disease. If you talk to doctors only you've missed the most impactful and insightful experience of the disease. That and nothing else is the reason why we must turn directly to patients," he says.

    With the growth of digital media providing access to large volumes of data there is an opportunity to learn more about patient experience, says Dr Dewulf.

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