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UCB and patients: partners in innovation

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Xavier Hormaechea, Public Affairs
The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) is a five-year multi-stakeholder project which will educate patient representatives and the lay public about how new therapies are assessed for safety and effectiveness.

The developing science of personalised and predictive medicines, the design of clinical trials, and the roles and responsibilities of patients in innovative medicines development will also be addressed using educational material, training courses and a public Internet library.

This approach places patients at the centre of drug development, treating them as equal partners. It shares information on technical aspects of the medicines sector while tapping into the wealth of knowledge patient advocates have.

The project, which brings together patients and academics, is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a €2 billion public-private partnership designed to address bottlenecks in R&D productivity in Europe.

Roch Doliveux, Chief Executive Officer, UCB, has recently been appointed chairman of the IMI and has stressed the need to join forces to find solutions to major health problems.

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