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UCB Iberia’s award-winning initiatives improve lives through technology

Picture of Jesús Sobrino, UCB Iberia
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Jesús Sobrino, UCB Iberia
Two innovative projects developed by UCB have been recognised for harnessing technology to improve diseases awareness, spark vital conversations and alleviate symptoms.

At the annual We Are Patients Awards (2018), hosted by the Spanish pharmaceutical industry, the #HoySiPuedo (#TodayICan) campaign was awarded for providing assistance, services and solutions to patients and society.

The project was launched through the Spanish Society of Rheumatology, along with six patient associations for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, spondylarthritis, psoriathic arthritis, lupus and other rheumatic diseases.

The goal was to encourage conversations between people living with these serious conditions and the HCPs. In particular, it offered support for women living with rheumatic diseases that want to plan a family.

The campaign was a big hit on social media, reaching more than 30 million people and sparking a flood of positive and hopeful messages from celebrities, actors, journalists and fashion icons.

The UCB Iberia team played its part in spreading the message to the world, proving that our team can be a key ‘influencer’ in online conversations.

We were proud to be recognised for this collaborative initiative which brought stakeholders together to create value for patients by addressing an unmet need.

Parkinson’s app
UCB Iberia also celebrated two awards at the GoHealthAwards19. Again, #HoySiPuedo was honoured, along with the NeuroGimnasio App. The GoHealthAwards recognize the entrepreneurship and innovation in health.

The NeuroGimnasio App was launched in collaboration with the Curemos El Parkinson Foundation and with the support of the Atletico de Madrid Foundation. The aim was to raise awareness about the importance of daily physical exercise for improving Parkinson’s symptoms.

The free app was supported by an awareness campaign using the hashtag #QuelParkinsonNoTePare (#ParkinsonDoesNotStopYou), aimed at promoting physical activity. The app also offers tips on posture, mobility, balance and other exercises which help patients to overcome stuffiness, tremor, and slowness of movement.

As part of the campaign, a video was shown to thousands of sports fans attending a football match.

These two initiatives show UCB’s willingness to work with a broad range of partners and to embrace the latest technologies to improve the lives of patients. We are pleased that our efforts have been recognised by the health and pharmaceutical community, and encouraged to continue to play our part in supporting patients.