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Eimear O'Brien, CNS Communications
That’s why UCB launched ‘Today I will...’, an initiative that allows people who live with Parkinson’s disease and their family and friends to share their goals. 

The pledges can describe any goal the person considers to be motivational; from the everyday, such as going for a walk, writing a letter or spending time with family, to fulfilling a lifetime ambition.

Short pledges should be of 25 words or less, with the option of adding artwork or photographs, can be submitted online or by email. They will feature on the “Today I will…” section of the Parkinson’s Voices website.

The Parkinson’s Voices portal also includes a host of online resources for those affected by the disease. The site features first-hand accounts of life with Parkinson’s along with practical information about symptoms and healthcare.

The ‘Inspirations’ section is full of positive stories from people who have found ways to live life to the full, whether that means finding inspiration in cooking, appreciating family life, or playing 18 holes of golf.

Wolfgang’s advice is to set regular goals: “Define targets and try to reach these targets. The targets should not be very easy but they should be reachable for you. If I reach my targets I feel happy and it has a very good impact on my self-confidence.”

Ongoing support
This initiative is part of UCB’s ongoing commitment to raising public awareness, as well as supporting people with Parkinson’s disease.

“We developed ‘Today I will…’ to provide a dedicated place for the Parkinson’s community so they can encourage and inspire each other through sharing their personal goals and
achievements,” said Dr Lode Dewulf, Chief Medical Affairs Officer, UCB.

“This initiative is part of our commitment to providing innovative programmes for people who live with Parkinson’s disease and we look forward to watching the ‘Today I will...’ conversation take shape.”

What will you do today?

“Today I will totally forget my Parkinson when walking in the sun, the energy comes back, the winter time is over and then I really enjoy my life!”
Stephanie , Germany

“Today I will tell my dad how proud I am of him.”
Ann, United States

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