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Showing Our Stripes: UCB’s Commitment to the Rare Disease Community

Jim Baxter, Patient Value Neurology & Europe/International Solutions
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Jim Baxter, Patient Value Neurology & Europe/International Solutions

Thought Leaders:
Charl van Zyl, Head of Neurology Solutions and Europe/International Markets
Iris Loew-Friedrich, Chief Medical Officer

Too often, people who live with rare diseases are faced with the worry that no one is listening to their needs – that the conditions that affect their lives in such significant ways are ignored simply because the patient populations are relatively small. UCB’s foundational commitment has always been to deliver valuable, meaningful treatments to people living with severe diseases. Though we have grown and evolved, our method remains unchanged: follow the science, listen to and learn from patients and deliver breakthrough solutions where the unmet need is greatest. We proudly bring that same approach and heritage to our work with the rare disease community.

Across our social media platforms and throughout the company this week, we are “Showing Our Stripes” by shining a light on rare disease communities as part of Rare Disease Week. The zebra is the official symbol of rare diseases because just like the zebra, rare disease patients wear their own unique stripes.  

Each year, Rare Disease Week serves as important moment to reflect on our mission and reaffirm our commitment to the rare disease patients we serve. Navigating the unique challenges of a chronic illness takes strength, the kind of strength that rare disease patients find within themselves each day. We are inspired by their perseverance – and we are challenged to match it. Every day, UCB team members around the world are pouring that inspiration into our work – delivering tailored solutions to that meet the needs of underserved rare disease communities.

Doing this work means getting to understand these patient communities – and our work cannot be relegated to just the laboratory. Our relationships with patients extend beyond medicines to include support of programs, partnerships, patient communities, advocacy groups, resources and philanthropy efforts that support their overall care experience and needs to manage their severe diseases.

At UCB, we aspire to lead by supporting patients on their journey and learning from their invaluable insights to guide the way. The patient perspective is of the utmost importance as we continue to collaborate and innovate for the future.

To our UCB colleagues, thank you for furthering our mission. And to the rare disease community – patients, caregivers, family and friends – thank you for inspiring us each day. We are sharing our stripes with pride for you.

We hope you will join us in recognizing the perseverance and courage of these rare disease patient groups and invite you to learn more about UCB’s work in rare at

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