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'Purple Day' – a simple idea gone global

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Eimear O'Brien, Brand Communications
Today, people around the world will wear purple to celebrate ‘Purple Day’, thanks to a remarkable initiative launched by a young girl just four years ago.
Purple Day is a global epilepsy awareness initiative which aims to get people talking about the condition and to dispel myths about epilepsy. Above all, it reminds people with epilepsy that they are not alone.

It’s all thanks to a girl named Cassidy Megan who, motivated by her own struggle with epilepsy, decided to raise awareness about the condition by encouraging others to wear something purple on this day every year.

This simple idea was brought to life in 2008 and became known as Purple Day.

It’s a great story of one girl’s will to improve awareness of epilepsy and how a grassroots, patient-led campaign can bring stakeholders together to make a difference.
At UCB we are deeply committed to epilepsy care and support a range of projects designed to break the stigma of the condition. These include the Annual Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism Award, and the ‘Epilepsy in Our Time’ video initiative.

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