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Partnering to better understand and support the epilepsy community

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Matt Schumacher, Neurology Patient Value Unit
As part of UCB’s commitment to delivering value to patients, we look to partner with others who provide unique expertise and insight to achieve our goals.

We are excited to have recently announced a collaboration with Partners Connected Health to develop innovative healthcare solutions to better support people living with epilepsy.

The collaboration between UCB and Partners Connected Health – an integrated health system founded by Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital and one of the nation's leading biomedical research organizations and a principal teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School – is focused on addressing some of the unmet needs currently faced by some of the three million Americans living with epilepsy.

The goal is to provide better connectivity between patients, healthcare providers, and payors, delivering improved experiences and better treatment outcomes.

This project leverages UCB's experience in epilepsy and extensive ethnographic research which focused on understanding the lived experiences of people with epilepsy and their families, to develop solutions to improve outcomes and quality of life.

The project team will work to improve four key areas of need identified within UCB's research:
  • Life in between: Living with epilepsy encompasses a life of actively waiting, a life less lived.
  • Complexity of control: Control for people living with epilepsy is the power to choose, not the medical definition of seizure control.
  • Care is a family affair: Acknowledgement and understanding about the critical role family members and caregivers can play, along with patients and healthcare professionals, in the management of epilepsy.
  • Welcome to the system: Tackling the complexity faced by patients when accessing healthcare, reducing information overload and improving healthcare system navigation.
This new initiative provides a unique opportunity to develop highly tailored solutions within a single healthcare system, while incorporating patient and caregiver feedback. We hope to measure  how novel models of care can deliver improvements such as reducing hospital readmissions for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy, better treatment outcomes, and improved patient satisfaction.

We’ll be sure to share our findings, and hopefully some future successes, on – be sure to check back in the future for more updates!

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Posted by David Fortanbary, 1 November 2017

Well done Matt and team. I am proud to be part of such an amazing, committed group of professionals focused on helping those with Epilepsy!