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Parkinson’s disease website: More than Motion

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Erica Puntel, U.S. Corporate Communications
UCB has launched a new destination for people living with Parkinson’s disease. More than MotionTM is more than a website - it’s a new home for an established community.

In 2012, we introduced a new online community for the millions of people living with Parkinson’s worldwide. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength.

The project initially featured a Facebook page where people could come together to share experiences, consult experts, register for the More than MotionTM magazine, and watch videos featuring real people living with Parkinson’s. This included a reality-TV style video series showing how patients and their families are affected by this severe disease.

The name of the project was something the Parkinson’s community appreciated from the beginning. People often think of the disease as a movement disorder. Indeed, it is characterized by motor difficulties and many patients experience tremor - but Parkinson’s is much more than that.

In addition to difficulties walking or talking, many people experience problems with memory, digestion and with sleeping. At UCB, we have always taken a holistic view of how severe diseases affect people rather than focusing on a single aspect of complex conditions.

New chapter
Now, five years since this story began, we have launched the next chapter: the new desktop and mobile-responsive website that brings great content from the More than MotionTM magazine to an even wider audience. Visitors can sign up for the publication and download a digital version to their desktop.

Above all, More than MotionTM remains a community. We want families affected by Parkinson’s to share their stories with others. This can be particularly valuable for those newly diagnosed with the disease. But throughout the patient journey, we hope patients will find comfort in knowing that so many other families are living the same experiences as they are.

The site allows patients to upload their own photos, bringing them into an active support and information group from the comfort of their own homes - or wherever they may take their mobile devices.

We look forward to seeing how this community grows as it enters a new phase of its maturity. UCB is committed to supporting those  living with  Parkinson’s disease in whatever ways we can.

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