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Osteoporosis Insights: More than just broken bones

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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation
Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bones over time, making them thinner and more likely to break. It occurs when bone mass decreases more quickly than the body can replace it, leading to a net loss of bone strength.

Osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually worldwide, equating to one fracture every 3 seconds.

But the impact of osteoporosis goes far beyond broken bones; the condition can have far-reaching effects on almost every aspect of a person’s life. We asked our Bone ‘Experts by Experience’ – a panel of people living with osteoporosis: ‘how serious do you think osteoporosis is as a health condition?’ Here’s what they had to say.

“The fractures are in some way a small part of osteoporosis – it’s living with the after effects that is proving to be difficult. I have lost confidence, have problems with my mobility and I’m suffering with pains. My lung capacity has also been affected by the fractures, meaning I get breathless easily now.”

Living in fear of falling and breaking another bone is also a key theme among our Panel and for many people living with osteoporosis, often holding them back from doing the things they love; “My bones are brittle and riddled with holes. I used to work 10-12 hours daily and then work hours in my garden. Now, I am afraid to use a shovel or work the ground with a hand trowel, as the simply movement could be catastrophic. So much has changed in the last two years….I watch my older sisters continue their lives, immersed in a quality I no longer have”.

Another panel member feels there’s a lack of awareness around the real consequences of osteoporosis; “It’s much more serious than healthcare professionals tell us. It’s something that most people are unaware of and it needs to be explained much sooner.”

Seeking information and having the right conversations with your health care professional can help with the management of your osteoporosis and associated conditions – speak to your doctor if you are over 55 and have recently experienced a fracture, or are concerned in any way about your bone health.

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