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New 'toolbox' will boost patient education

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Daphnee Pushparajah, Patient Affairs
For patients to play an active role in how medicines are developed and regulated, they need to be equipped with knowledge and skills. That is why UCB is actively supporting the European Patients Academy (EUPATI) in its mission to train a new generation of patient advocates.

EUPATI is a five-year multi-stakeholder project funded through the Innovative Medicines Initiative. It brings together European leaders in patient communities, universities, not-for-profit organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

UCB is an industry partner of the project which seeks to take the mystery out of drug development. Patients have an important stake in medical research and can offer valuable insights on what is important to people living with diseases. Providing them with training and information can help pave the way for greater patient engagement in health-related projects.

EUPATI has just launched a new educational toolbox on medicines research and development. The online resource allows users to freely discover, adapt and share a wealth of material. It is a comprehensive educational resource with more than 3,000 topics covered in seven languages.

The EUPATI initiative has previously launched a Patient Expert Training Course designed to support patients with information and knowledge. This valuable training scheme will produce 100 patient experts by 2017.

The new online toolbox makes educational material available to a much wider audience of patient representatives, individual patients and anyone with an interest in medicines R&D.

Armed with the information provided by this new resource, EUPATI is helping to build a critical mass of informed patients who can make a meaningful contribution to discussions on drug development and patient advocacy.