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Introducing 'My RLS Monitor™'

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Elisabeth Dohin, Patient Solutions Team
To manage restless legs syndrome in the best way possible, doctors need to understand how patients are feeling. That is why UCB has produced 'My RLS Monitor™' - a new tool to improve patient-doctor communication on RLS.

The monitor allows patients to record and monitor RLS symptoms, to assess the effect of their current RLS medications and to detect factors that might have caused a worsening of RLS.

The monitor can help to detect augmentation – a major complication of long-term dopaminergic treatment.

Patients can use My RLS Monitor™ to prepare for their next consultation. The tool allows patients to document all relevant aspects of their condition so that they do not forget anything while speaking to their doctor.

They record details of the medicines they have taken since their last consultation, any changes they have noticed since their last visit, and exposure to any dietary or emotional factors that might have made them feel worse.

This will also benefit doctors who will have a comprehensive view of their patient's current wellbeing. It will serve as a map, guiding patient-doctor interactions towards optimal treatment and management of RLS.

My RLS Monitor™ is currently available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish. Produced by UCB, the new tool has been endorsed by RLS e.V, RLS UK and the European Alliance for Restless Legs Syndrome (EARLS).

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