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Inspired by patients with Parkinson’s disease

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Eimear O'Brien, Brand Communications
It is almost 200 years since Dr James Parkinson wrote his influential paper "An Essay" on the "Shaking Palsy".

That essay, published in 1817, is said to be the first comprehensive description of a condition which would later come to be known as Parkinson’s disease.

In describing the condition, Dr Parkinson played a key role in advancing understanding of the disease which would ultimately lead to better diagnosis, new treatments and greater social understanding.

In recognition of his contribution, Dr Parkinson’s birth date, April 11, is World Parkinson’s Disease Day. It is marked by patient groups around the world who view this as an important opportunity to raise awareness.

An estimated 6.3 million people are living with Parkinson’s disease.
The typical age of onset is usually over 60 years but one in 10 Parkinson’s patients is diagnosed before the age of 50.
At UCB we are committed to delivering therapies that improve patients’ quality of life. We are also dedicated to helping the Parkinson’s community by developing new patient support tools and other solutions.

For example, we helped to develop the Parkinson’s Well-Being Map™. This tool, which is freely available online, allows people with Parkinson’s to track their motor and underlying symptoms, and to communicate their health status with their health care teams.

On World Parkinson’s Disease Day, we are reminded by patients of the need to continue this work. They inspire us to do all we can to translate science into solutions that will have a real impact on the daily lives of people with the disease and their families. That is what we are committed to doing today – and every day.

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