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‘Purple Day’ raises epilepsy awareness

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    There are a few extra splashes of purple around UCB offices this morning.

    Why? Because in 2008 a young girl from Canada came up with a colourful way to express support for people living with epilepsy, and her simple idea has been having an impact ever since.

    March 26th is Purple Day, an initiative founded by Cassidy Megan when she was just nine years of age. Patients, their families, and epilepsy advocates all over the world will wear purple today as part of a campaign to get people talking about epilepsy and to dispel myths about the disease.

    Cassidy chose the colour purple because in some cultures the lavender flower is often associated with solitude, which represents the feelings of isolation felt by many people affected by epilepsy.

    In the six years since it began, Purple Day has grown from a grassroots campaign from a young girl to a worldwide educational campaign.

    There are lots of ways to get involved. Visit the Purple Day website to learn more.

    There are over 65 million living with epilepsy worldwide. At UCB, we want to make a meaningful difference in the epilepsy community taking innovative approaches to developing therapies that improve patients’ lives, sharing the latest scientific information with health professionals, and supporting the awareness initiatives.

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