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New partnership to improve epilepsy care

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    Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science. UCB's tagline sums up our approach to improving the lives of people with severe diseases.

    This means working with a broad range of partners to find new solutions built on cutting edge technology. The spirit of open innovation is what inspires our collaboration with universities, biotech firms, Nobel Prize winners’ teams, and the Innovative Medicines Initiative, an EU public-private partnership.

    This can be seen in our new partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Interoperability and Integration Innovation Lab (I3L). Together, we are seeking to tap into the potential of big data for the benefit of epilepsy patients.

    We believe advances in computer technology can be harnessed to turn large volumes of anonymous patient data into real-time insights. The goal is to unlock the potential of predictive analysis to help doctors make the best possible treatment decisions for people living with epilepsy.

    This is not the first time we have teamed up with an external partner to embrace big data. Last year we announced a collaboration with a major IT organisation to explore how cognitive computing could help healthcare providers to deliver highly personalized care for people with epilepsy.

    That proof-of-concept study looked at how the transformative power of Big Data  might be used to deliver advances in epilepsy care while potentially contributing to reduced healthcare costs. Our new project with Georgia Institute of Technology will build on this work to examine how these analytics capabilities can be applied in the clinic.

    As a leader in epilepsy treatment, UCB brings significant expertise to this partnership. The I3L Lab will supply access to an extensive collection of health IT resources and collaborators.

    This, the latest chapter in our epilepsy story, illustrates our commitment to innovation for the benefit for patients.