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Patients Life stories Christer

Spotlight on Christer (Sweden)

Living with Parkinson’s disease since 1988
Parkinson’s Voices Advocate

Christer remembers the moment he met Mr. Parkinson – because he was putting his watch on, so it’s in his mind to the minute. In 1988, at the age of 45, he was studying to be a neurologist and quickly narrowed down the possibilities of the fumbling in his hand.  Dealing with his diagnosis was still difficult though, as he endured episodes of freezing when he needed to go places and continue his work.

At the age of 54, Christer left his position at a brain injury clinic due to the progression of his Parkinson’s disease symptoms.  He investigated a new option at the time, deep brain stimulation, and saw a great improvement in his symptoms.  He continues to work with his doctor to make sure that his DBS and medication give him the freedom he wants to play golf and spend time with his grandchildren.

Today, Christer has returned to practicing medicine and works exclusively with patients living with Parkinson’s – because he truly understands what they are going through.  Christer is optimistic about the future and continues to share his experiences about goal setting and staying positive with others.

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