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Patients Life stories Nuria

Spotlight on Nuria (Spain)

  • Born in 1980
  • Living with lupus
  • Speaks Spanish & English
  • Active in spreading awareness about lupus
  • Hopes to one day have a child

When she was 10, Nuria woke up one morning and couldn’t get out of bed. She spent the day in constant pain and was eventually seen by a doctor, who diagnosed her with Rheumatic Fever. 

But at 13, Nuria’s mother noticed a blush on her cheeks that didn’t go away. That’s when she was finally diagnosed with lupus. Because she was told that her lupus would go away once she turned 21, Nuria didn’t bother educating herself about her disease. 

But when she turned 21, her lupus did not go away. She tried to make a life for herself, and after finishing uni, moved to the UK where she landed a job in a difficult industry. 

But then, one day, she found she could not open her hand and her ankles began to bother her. As her joints hurt more and more, she decided to change jobs and move closer to home. 

After trying to fight through her symptoms, she finally gave in and called her family for help. They rushed to be with her, and when Nuria’s temperature hit 41 degrees Celsius, they took her to the hospital. There, she met the doctor who she still partners with today and finally began her journey of lupus education. 

Today, Nuria has had to stop working altogether, which was a difficult sacrifice for her. Thankfully, she has the support of her family and doctor. Perhaps most importantly, she has stopped hiding from her disease and uses her experiences to encourage others living with lupus. ‘Never lose hope’, she says, ‘and make the most of whatever comes your way’.

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By telling my story, I would like others to know what took me so long to realise: There is no need to hide. By talking and being heard, we can do something about the fear and isolation that comes with lupus’. Nuria