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Spotlight on Rebecca (Germany)

  • Born in 1979
  • Living with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Speaks German, English, and Turkish
  • Happily married mother of two young children
  • Owns a property management business
  • Enjoys meeting friends, listening to music, and going to the cinema.

Ever since she was a teenager, Rebecca has always considered herself a ‘fighter’ when it comes to facing challenges in her life. This philosophy served Rebecca well in competitive sport when she played badminton on a European level as the German champion. Always on the go, she divided one half of her time to sport and training, and the other half she devoted to her studies. She dreamed that, one day, she would receive her degree in linguistics and marry and have children with her boyfriend. But, little did Rebecca know, that her dreams would be threatened when she began to experience a strange pain in her little finger that would not go away.

After an orthopaedist told her she’d probably just injured her finger, she felt positive that her finger would heal and feel normal again. However, when the same finger on the other hand also began to hurt, she consulted with her general practitioner. He suspected something was seriously wrong with her and referred Rebecca to a rheumatologist after a blood test indicated she might have rheumatoid arthritis. And thus began Rebecca’s emotionally and physically painful journey of what would be a life with RA. She cycled through different treatments but they only temporarily worked for her.

With the love and support of her boyfriend who would become her husband, Rebecca was hugely relieved when she learned, after educating herself and working with her rheumatologist, that she could have children. Although she’s never had a day without pain since having children, she’s learned to manage her RA symptoms; she sees her doctors regularly, and is staying on treatment.

Today, Rebecca divides her time between being a good wife and mother, and managing the property management business she owns. And on occasion, she enjoys getting together with her friends or seeing a movie. As she looks to the future, Rebecca hopes to spread awareness about rheumatoid arthritis to inspire others to become ‘fighters’, too.

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No matter how hopeless this battle might appear at first, it is possible to fight back and manage it.