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University and industry collaboration driving innovation

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
At UCB, we believe in partnership. We work with research institutes, technology giants, biotech companies – skilled partners who share our commitment to innovate.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our efforts to drive collaboration between academia and industry.  Collaborations with universities are a vital element of our open innovation approach to drug discovery; they can accelerate innovation and lead to the development of new technologies.

This spirit of collaboration was palpable at Oxford Universities Medical Sciences Teaching Centre when some of the UK’s most brightest and enthusiastic PhD research scientists gathered for the third UCB PhD Science Day.

Our annual event sees students and their supervisors come together with UCB scientists to share research and best practice. The result is an opportunity for inspiration and innovation.

UCB is investing £3 million (€3.55 million) over four years in PhD studentships and we remain committed to strengthening scientific networks through which further collaborations may emerge.

Building networks between our industry and academia is essential if the knowledge created by cutting-edge research is to be translated into new therapies for patients.

By working together, skills and ideas can be readily exchanged as part of a shared effort to deepen our understanding of diseases and find innovative ways to treat them.

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