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UCB and universities: partners in innovation

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
Universities can be at the heart of the European economy, provided stronger links are built between academia and innovative partners in industry.

At UCB, we are playing our part by backing academic research and researchers through direct and in-kind support.

We recently announced a new phase in our research partnership with Oxford University, and earlier this year we opened the doors of our labs in Slough, UK, to 30 local students.

All of this helps break down barriers between industry and academia. Building on these initiatives, UCB held a PhD networking day which gave PhD research scientists and their supervisors in the UK the chance to exchange ideas and explore collaboration.

It also encourages scientists to develop skills which can be used both in the university sector and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Partnership is the order of the day and there is a growing sense that separating academia and industry is inefficient. Science knows no silos.

UCB is helping to build momentum for greater cooperation by investing in UK PhD scientists to develop closer research links and enhance skills.

There are currently 45 students in the programme, each receiving support over the course of their studies. This can take the form of access to cutting-edge technology, supervision and opportunities to work in our labs.

We hope that as a result, the new generation of scientific leaders will be equipped to move between industry and academia through their careers, sharing expertise from both sectors along the way.

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