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UCB & Epilepsy: building on a rich heritage

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Henrik Klitgaard, UCB NewMedicines
UCB has a rich heritage in epilepsy with over 20 years’ experience in the research and development of novel antiepileptic drugs. Every day, thousands of people use AEDs from our portfolio to help control their seizures. We are building on our proven track record with an innovative R&D pipeline for the future. As a company with a long-term commitment to epilepsy research our goal is to address unmet medical needs and to deliver solutions that improve patients’ lives.

Sharing knowledge is an important driver of medical advances. That is why UCB has financially supported production of  ‘Focus on Epilepsy’ – a supplement of Nature Reviews Neurology. In this special focus issue, leading investigators from around the world highlight the important challenges and progress in epilepsy research and clinical practice.

At UCB, we are inspired by patients and driven by science in our commitment to support patients with epilepsy. You can also learn more about UCB’s commitment to epilepsy through our Sponsor Feature in the supplement that is accessible here. With the exception of the Sponsor Feature and Adverts, the content of this supplement has been developed independently of UCB. Nature Publishing Group carries sole responsibility for the editorial content. With UCB’s financial support, all the Focus articles can be accessed for free until the end of October 2014.

The sharing of knowledge and expertise is essential for the rapid advancement of the scientific understanding of epilepsy. If we want to address unmet medical need, collaboration is essential. Only by working together can we make a real difference to the lives of people with epilepsy. At UCB, we partner and create super-networks with world-leading scientists and clinicians in academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations who share our goals. If you have molecular targets or inventions that you believe may advance care of epilepsy patients, please contact us directly at epilepsydiscovery@ucb.com.

We look forward to talking with you and to sharing our insights, motivation and commitment.

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