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UCB CEO leading Innovative Medicines Initiative for second year

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France Nivelle, Global Communications & Change Support
Partnership, leadership, innovation. These are some of the qualities that UCB and our CEO, Roch Doliveux, embody. His appointment as chairman of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) for a second term is a testament to his status as an effective leader in the shared effort to find new solutions for serious medical challenges.
When the European Union and the research-based pharmaceutical industry joined forces to create the IMI, the world’s biggest public-private partnership, we were enthusiastic supporters. UCB has been a member of the IMI since its initiation in 2006 and Dr Doliveux joined the IMI Governing Board in May 2010. He became Chair of the Board from 2012 to 2013.

With a budget of €2 billion – €1 billion from the EU and €1 billion from industry – the initiative offers a unique opportunity to solve problems which are too big for any one company or research institute to tackle alone.

The IMI currently supports 46 projects, each of which is designed to address the biggest challenges in drug development. The overarching goal is to accelerate the development of safe and more effective treatments.

UCB is a significant contributor to the IMI and is involved in 21 consortia, including projects which support patient education and research on disease taxonomy. Our company leads three IMI projects with academic partners.

The success of the IMI and the ambition of the partners involved have led to its expansion. During Dr Doliveux’s second term, it is expected that IMI2 will launch with an estimated budget of up to €3.45 billion.

The initiative has become a role model for open innovation and knowledge sharing with the capacity to drive innovation, growth and patient well-being in the decades ahead.

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