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Dhaval Patel, Patient Value Early Solutions
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Dhaval Patel, Patient Value Early Solutions
From unlocking the secrets of chemicals, cultivating the promises of pharmaceuticals and expanding into biologics, peptides and gene therapy, our researchers at UCB are on a mission to continuously innovate. To do that, we are harnessing today’s new frontiers in science and technology and strengthening our capabilities to discover and develop new medicines. So, it should come as no surprise that we are utilising some unique disruptive technology to help strengthen our gene therapy activities.

We recently signed an agreement with CEVEC Pharmaceuticals to evaluate and gain access to their ELEVECTA® technology. ELEVECTA® technology may enable UCB to develop a scalable, robust and efficient manufacturing of gene therapy vectors. Up until now, manufacturing of adeno-associated viral vectors (AAVs) has been an expensive and challenging process usually requiring multiple batches of transient transfection of cells lines and large quantities of cGMP-quality plasmids. The CEVEC technology overcomes these limitations based on producer cell-lines which have all the necessary elements for AAV production integrated in one cell. This enables superior, efficient, high-performance, industry scale AAV production from one cell line with consistent quality.

At UCB we have world class discovery, research, development and manufacturing facilities and to maintain this position we will continuously monitor new and disruptive technologies in the pursuit of innovation.

You can read more about our R&D global footprint and explore the gene therapy opportunities at UCB by visiting our recruitment page here.

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