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Super Networks - powering progress in the fight against neurodegenerative disease

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Roger Palframan, UCB New Medicines
Modern medicine must solve complex problems if we are to address unmet patient needs. At UCB, we are hugely proud of our contribution to medical science – especially in neurology and immunology – but we are also humble about the need to work with others to find new solutions.

Our scientists are working with Imperial College London to unlock the secrets of epilepsy genetics, with Weill-Cornell Medical College to understand neuronal cell loss, with Harvard on the relationship between gut bacteria and the immune system, with a Nobel Prize winner to study G-protein receptors – and many more besides.

We are pleased to add another new partnership to our impressive network. UCB and Baylor College of Medicine in Texas have launched a strategic alliance in neurodegeneration.

It’s the latest example of how we are building a Super Network of partnerships to tackle the big challenges in modern medicine.

This research alliance will be led at Baylor by Huda Zoghbi, professor in the Departments of Pediatrics, Molecular and Human Genetics, Neurology and Neuroscience.

She will collaborate with UCB’s high-quality R&D teams to discover medicines based on genetically validated targets that could transform the lives of people living with severe neurodegenerative disease.

Professor Zoghbi and her collaborators have world leading capabilities in using functional genetics to identify therapeutic targets for new medicines.

The research programme fits with our strategy to focus on the discovery of drugs targeting pathways with a high level of genetic and human validation.

It also fits with our commitment to pair our expertise in drug development with insights from patients and the latest medical science. We will continue to work with the very best scientists and clinicians to improve the lives of patients.

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