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Stronger ties for UCB and Oxford Medical School

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Scott Fleming, UK Communications
Earlier this year UCB and the University of Oxford unveiled a major new partnership to which UCB will contribute £3.6 million (€4.3 million) over three years. The link-up is designed to boost drug discovery in immunology and neurology – areas where UCB and Oxford have considerable strengths.

Following the initial collaboration work, which gives scientists from our company and from Oxford University a chance to work together to find treatments for serious diseases, Professor Ismail Kola has been awarded a visiting professorship by the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Board.

Named as Visiting Professor of Target Discovery at the Nuffield School of Medicine, Prof. Kola is no stranger to academia. He has a PhD in medicine from the University of Cape Town, began his career in the academic sector in Australia, and currently holds professorships at universities in the US, Australia, Sweden and the UK.

The new professorship involves contributing to teaching and research, initially over three years, and is the latest in a series of partnerships which our company has announced.

UCB is working to build long-term collaborations and form super networks with academia and biotech in order to deliver innovative new drugs for patients.

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