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Putting the patient at the centre of healthcare

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Audrey Saluzzo, Communications France
UCB is Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science. We apply the latest in scientific knowledge to improve the lives of people with severe diseases. Delivering value to patients is always at the forefront of our work.

That is why we are supporting a new research Chair at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in France focusing on what “value” really means in patient-centred care.

This prestigious Chair was inaugurated at an international workshop on the value of patient-centred care which took place on 19 and 20 October in Lyon. The event attracted leaders in healthcare, bringing together health professionals, patients, managers and health researchers.

The initiative, co-founded by UCB, is an opportunity to restore patients to their rightful role at the heart of the health system. It is a recognition of the importance of building healthcare models around the patient – for ethical and economic reasons.

The Chair provides the impetus for an interdisciplinary and international examination on the meaning and value of patient-centricity. It will look at how the role of the patient has evolved in health systems in various countries while considering how new trends – such as personalised medicine – would shape the future of patient-centred care.

The Chair is co-directed by Jean-Philippe Pierron, Director of the Graduate School of Philosophy and Didier Vinot, University Professor and Vice-President for Economic and Social Affairs and Heritage.

As part of a nine-year research programme, researchers will examine the role of patients in France, the United States, China and Mexico, drawing on expertise from philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, historians and economist. Throughout this work the focus will remain on one major theme: value.

UCB welcomes the breadth of this academic project which promises a thorough and holistic analysis of the value of patient-centricity.

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