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Partnership with Science 37: helping UCB to improve patient experience

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Tero Laulajainen, UCB Biosciences, Global Clinical Science and Operations
Technology is changing how we conduct clinical studies, making them more patient-friendly and helping us to uncover new solutions faster.

UCB’s new collaboration with Science 37 will allow us to conduct studies in a radically new way. Rather than conducting studies at a hospital, which may not be conveniently located but where patients are invited to attend for treatment and analysis, the Science 37 approach ‘decentralizes’ clinical research by bringing the studies to the patient.

Using a combination of telemedicine technology, a network of clinicians and scientists work with patients directly in the comfort of their homes. This direct connection online we believe will create greater retention of patients, increased diversity across trials, and significantly faster recruitment.

Patients share study data through a safe cloud-based mobile research platform known as NORA – the Network Oriented Research Assistant. The system adheres to the highest industry quality and regulatory standards.

Unlike other mobile health technology companies, Science 37’s Metasite™ or ‘site-less’ model helps researchers engage directly with patients through every stage of study participation.

This innovative approach has already been used in a number of clinical areas, including dermatology and rare diseases. Now, our new collaboration will apply this model to areas where UCB has considerable expertise, such as neurology and immunology.

UCB’s patient value strategy aims to deliver unique outcomes and the best patient experience to as many lives as possible. Science 37’s decentralized clinical trial approach has fundamentally changed the way patients experience clinical studies.

With this collaboration, we see an opportunity to not only provide a better patient experience, but also enhance our data points to accelerate the development of medicines.

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